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Aside from the restoration of the 1905 Village Hall, Tigerton Main Street, Inc. has also tackled several other community improvement projects in the past several years.  Here are a few of the many projects our Main Street Program has worked on since its inception.


                                     STREET LIGHTS

                                     In 1998, Tigerton Main Street started an "Adopt A Street Light Program" where                                        people could "adopt" a new street light for downtown Tigerton for $1000.00.                                          Eighteen streetlights were installed downtown.  This project was done in                                                cooperation with our local electric coop-Central Wisconsin Electric Cooperative.                                       The distinctive historic design of the lights was chosen to compliment the historic                             appearance of many of our downtown buildings.  Six additional lights were                                             added in 2000 and nine more in 2002.  In 2007, three more were added on the                                       new Spaulding/Cedar Street bridge.   In all, 36 new streetlights were installed in                                      the downtown area along Spaulding/Cedar Street (our main street) and also                                          several side streets.  Flags and poles were added later, also through the                                                "adoption" program



Tigerton Main Street has also placed concrete Tigers in front of the

"Welcome to Tigerton" signs along U.S. Hwy 45 from both the north

and the south.  These Tigers welcome people as they drive along

highway 45 through our village and draw attention to the "Welcome"

signs that were paid for by the Tigerton Advancement Association.

                                               As part of National Join Hands Day in 2008, Tigerton Main Street tackled                                               a renovation project at the Gazebo Park in downtown Tigerton.  The park                                               was entirely redone, including repairing and re-sealing the Gazebo and                                                   other benches and swings, redoing all the pathways as well as adding a                                                 new one, and also freshening up all the flower beds.  This was                                                               accomplished through a $500.00 grant from Thrivent Financial as well as                                               numerous donations from local businesses and individuals.




These are just a few of the many projects Tigerton Main Street has been involved in throughout the years. Tigerton Main Street, Inc. has also provided grants to local businesses for business front improvements and new signage.  Main Street volunteers have also helped to provide technical assistance with building renovations and also with grant writing.

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