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Tigerton Main Street Mission Statement



Drawn: 1994  Updated Feb. 20, 2017


The mission of Tigerton Main Street is to promote the revitalization of our village.  We encourage community cooperation and volunteerism in that effort, actively recruiting new leadership and helping to secure funding for community projects. We foster rehabilitation and restoration and promote historic preservation of our downtown buildings. In our efforts to retain stable retail and service businesses, we assist the development of new business and help struggling existing businesses. We work steadily to attract small industry and provide local jobs.

"Tigerton Main Street is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer."



Tigerton Main Street Vision Statement



Drawn: 1994  Last update: Feb. 20, 2017


 The Tigerton of the future will be known as a safe and peaceful village with well-kept homes and commercial buildings. A mix of stable and service businesses will meet the basic needs of community residents.  The village will be described as clean and friendly. Community residents will be known for their hospitality and warmth and their commitment to cooperation and volunteering for community projects.  Schools and government will continue to be progressive, and the quality churches will continue to flourish. Incremental rehabilitations of commercial buildings will occur.  This will help the downtown to better serve as an indicator of the community’s health and pride.


Tigerton will be a popular destination for visitors seeking the natural resources that the area has to offer. A large ATV park is located in Tigerton. New recreational businesses and services for these tourists will help to encourage return visits to the area. This new business development coupled with an emphasis on attracting small industry will provide jobs to Tigerton residents. Events in the Gazebo Park, community center and retail businesses will position downtown as the social and trade center for the community.


In order to achieve this vision, the community will continue to involve more residents in the revitalization process. New volunteers and leaders will become involved with each new project or community issue. Particular attention will be placed on the retention and recruitment of business and the restoration of the buildings, especially in the downtown area. Continued promotion of the Main Street concept and historic preservation will be crucial. In addition, promotion of the community’s natural resources and recreational opportunities to the rest of the state will be important.


A commitment to further develop funding, volunteerism, and publicity will be made in order to maintain a fresh, well-equipped, and organized revitalization program…and maintain Tigerton’s progressive image as Wisconsin’s smallest Main Street town.


"Tigerton Main Street is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer." 




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