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Tigerton Main Street, Inc. is a non-profit 501C3 Wisconsin corporation.  All donations to our organization are fully deductable under Wisconsin law.  Anyone wishing to make a donation to Tigerton Main Street, Inc. can do so by contacting our Manager, Andrea Graham at (715) 535-2110, or by sending your donation to:


Tigerton Main Street, Inc.

215 Cedar Street

P.O. Box 3

Tigerton WI 54486


Donations may be classified for several different areas.  All unspecified donations will go toward the general, day-to-day operations of Tigerton Main Street.  These donations help to pay for the Manager’s salary, travel expenses to Main Street activities throughout the year and general office supplies, including postage.  They also help to fund business sign and improvement grants, as well as activities like the Christmas Light-up, Village cleanup and the Volunteer Recognition Dinner.  


Donations may also be made toward maintenance and upkeep of the 1905 Village Hall.  Money given for this will be used to pay the utility and other bills associated with building.  Monies will also be used to purchase necessary items for the building. 


Tigerton Main Street also has a Perpetual Fund set up to pay for the ongoing operations of the organization.  It is our hope that we can build up enough principal in this account that the interest will be able to fund the Daily operations in order to keep Main Street viable for perpetuity.  For more information, see the article below about the Perpetual Fund.


Occasionally, Tigerton Main Street also raises money for various projects that we are working on at the time.  For more information, please contact Andrea at (715) 535-2110.


All donations are greatly appreciated!  All donations to Tigerton Main Street help to make Tigerton a better place!



Tigerton Main Street Establishes Perpetual Fund


At the request of Tigerton residents, Tigerton Main Street has established a perpetual fund, the proceeds of which will be used to maintain the restored Old Village Hall and assure that Main Street programs continue on into the future.


“This provides a way for people to contribute in a permanent way to the future of Tigerton,” said former Main Street treasurer Ken Sambs.  “People can contribute directly or designate money in their wills knowing that the principal will continue to earn on into perpetuity.”


Each year the Main Street Board will decide which programs or projects will benefit from the proceeds.  Anyone interested in more information on the fund can contact the Main Street Office at 535-2110.

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