Tigerton Main Streetís Annual Taste of Tigerton Soup & Cookie Contest


The 2015 Taste of Tigerton Soup and Cookie Contest was a great success!There were many soups and cookies registered for the event and about 100 people attended.

The winners were as follows:

Soup Winners:  


1st Cindy Mueller    Sausauge  Potato  Soup

2nd John & Claire Ware   Southwest Pork Stew Soup

3rd Tie with   Sandy Schultz    Chicken Dumpling

†††††††††††††††††††††† Sue Langsten       Taco Soup


Chili Winners:


1st  Arlene Severson     Chili

2nd  Kevin Mueller          Cincinnati Chili

3rd   Joyce Wudstrack -   Mild Chili




1st     Paul Schultz     Chocolate Crackle

2nd    Sandy Schultz    Lemon Crackle

3rd.   Julie Mauritz      Choc. Chip


Peopleís Choice


Soup - Sandy Schultz

Chili -Arlene Severson

Cookies  -  Sandy Schultz with Lemon Crackle